Evil Performance offer the following AFFORDABLE services:

  • Spray painting Customizing or Back to Standard
  • Airbrushing
  • Engine modifications
  • Services on all motorbikes
  • Chain & sprockets
  • Accessories: levers, screens, bobbins, grips, integrated taillights, mirrors etc on all motorbikes
  • Polish work on rims, engine covers etc.
  • Rebuilds back to standard
  • Turbo modifications
  • Custom exhaust pipes
  • Airbrushing on all vehicles
  • Embroidered seats
  • Body repairs & plastic welding
  • Accident repairs & replace
  • Custom & factory replica decals or sprayed in
  • We also do sign writing & signboards
  • We try to do all services on motorbikes within 1 day - depending on availability of spares.
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Monday to Thursday 07h30 TILL 16H00

Friday 07h15 - 12h00